Tan where the models get their spray tans!!

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Real Detroit Weekly Cover- June 2014!

Beautiful girl with a gorgeous, Healthy Tan Rapid Tan!

Who doesn’t like to look bronzed and beautiful? Most of us don't have the time to get that tan and do not want to put ourselves at risk for skin cancer and premature aging. Now you don't need to sacrifice your tan to stay Healthy.

Spray tanning is the trend in the tanning industry. It is safe, quick and provides beautiful results without damaging your skin. 

As recommended on the hit shows

"The Doctors"and Good Morning America!

Your HEALTHY TAN will...

  • Be Natural-looking bronze (not orange!) with Certified Organic solutions
  • Be the highest quality products on the market
  • Provide an immediate bronzing that develops into a fabulous tan
  • Be Custom Sprayed considering your skin type and desired color, Applied by only experienced, certified technicians
  • Last Long...for about a week and fade naturally
  • Enhance your body, Even Out your skin tone, Hide stretch marks, veins and freckles
  • Be 100% sunless / UV free
  • Not cause sun damage, premature aging, risks like traditional UV sun exposure
  • Be an Anti-Oxidant Rich Formula that is Paraben free

Our Organic, Natural tanning solution is aloe & water based. Your skin will be immediately bronzed and the sunless tan will begin to develop within 2-4 hours. The sunless tanning ingredient is derived from sugar cane and interacts with the amino acids in the skin cells producing a color change. This moisturizing formula is infused with Pro-vitamins which boost the skin's inherent glow, creating a customized shade of color for each client.