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Don't wait so long to shower,

specialty Rapid Tan now available!


Rapid Tan                                    $38

(shower in 2-3 hours)                 Package of 5      $160

Regular Tan                                 $28

(shower in 10-12 hours)             Package of 5      $115

Venetian Tan                                $33

(shower in 8-10 hours, dry bronzer and longest lasting results)

                                                   Package of 5 $140

HEALTHY TAN services clients for many occasions

  • Individual appointments any time, especially before weddings, holidays, vacations, prom, homecoming or other special events
  • Small group of friends
  • Larger groups
    Girls night
    Dance and Cheer teams
    Wedding and Bachelorette parties

HEALTHY TAN proudly gives you a custom-designed sunless tan applied by only a trained and certified spray technician.

  • Fast drying, non-sticky, streak-free formula with no “orange” color
  • Organic DHA starts to develop color on skin in 2-3 hours and is fully developed in 20 hours, replacing the bronzer as it washes away
  • Proprietary odor inhibitor and a light fragrance eliminate odor associated with typical sunless products
  • Skin-firming technology for youthful skin and helps correct and prevent skin damage from over-exposure to the sun and improves the look of cellulite

HEALTHY TAN provides varying levels and tones for your customized tanning needs! Whether you want just a "healthy glow"or a full-on "summer" tan!

We also specialize in spraying clear sunless tanning solution that is bronzer free to eliminate any rub-off on clothing.

Our products are all:

Made in the USA, Not Tested on Animals, Paraben Free